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2000 Insight: A Hybrid Pioneer
The original Honda Insight, introduced in late 1999, broke new ground as the first gasoline-electric hybrid car sold in America.

Aerodynamic and innovative, the Insight changed the way engineers thought about fuel-efficiency. The centerpiece of this groundbreaking car was the compact and efficient Integrated Motor Assist IMA® hybrid powertrain.

The original Insight still stands as a testament to Honda’s willingness to reach for an impossible goal. And that spirit lives on in the 2014 Insight.

Next-Generation Insight: Hybrid Evolution
The Insight was reborn in 2010. By making hybrid technology available to more drivers, this new Insight was a pioneer in its own right.

Stylistically, it bears a family resemblance to the FCX Clarity fuel-cell electric vehicle. And its roomy 5-passenger cabin, five-door access and folding rear seats make the 2014 Insight perfect for the active lifestyle of most families today.

Impressive affordability and practicality define the Insight, offering further evidence of Honda's longstanding environmental leadership and our constant emphasis on making life better for our customers, and society as a whole.

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